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Maximise your time & minimise distractions. Take advantage of LIFE’s full suite of productivity tools, tailor-made to take you and your business to the next level.


Utilise LIFE’s greatest asset – the people who use it. Communicate with clients, share projects with partners and discover new opportunities with our integrated collaboration system.


Take control of your day. With integrated, management, AI and organisation tools, make sure you’re never wasting time searching, with everything just a click away.

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Choose LIFE & Take Advantage Of Advanced AI Enabled Features

Tailored For Peak Productivity:


Link all of your email accounts straight into the LIFE platform. Make cluttered inboxes and missed emails a thing of the past when you keep track of your personal and business communications in one frictionless platform.


Effortlessly communicate with clients, suppliers, colleagues and anyone else on LIFE. With fully-integrated video calling and direct LIFE Chat, say goodbye to expensive Slack & Teams licenses, and hello to effortless collaboration & communication.


Take control of your time. Sync all your calendars to LIFE and effortlessly create new events, meeting notes and actions. With advanced progress tracking, you’re always on top of your schedule.

Task Manager

Effortlessly stay on top of your daily to-do list. Manage work and jobs that come from meetings and emails with linked Tasks, letting you make best use of your time.


With up to 1TB of secure storage, we have everything you need to get your LIFE in order. Save all your files in one organised directory and never misplace a document again.


Stay focused and distraction-free when searching the web – LIFE includes a built-in, no-ads search engine. All the information, none of the distractions.

Password Vault

With our AES256 encrypted Vault, your login details are secured with the highest level of encryption, accessible by you and only you.


Gone are the days of disorganised notes and lost information. With the LIFE Knowledge Hub, you have a centralised hub to keep your thoughts in order, organised and summarised with the help of our AI tools.


Your network is one of the greatest assets you have. With your LIFE contact book, make managing it a breeze. Keep track of people, contact details and important information at the tap of a button.

My Life

My LIFE is your personal performance app for tracking your short, medium & long term goals as well as managing your daily routines for building productive healthy habits.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Services

Everyone needs extra help sometimes. With our team of personal assistants, you can get the help you need, whenever you need it. No retainers, contracts or hourly billing – all LIFE members gain access to our PAs as part of your membership.

Step 1: Tell us what you need.

Head over to the assistant tab in the LIFE platform and tell us what you need. Whether you need a meeting arranging, research conducting, someone to make a booking, or just generally sorting out your life admin, we’re on hand to help.

Step 2: Let us get to work.

If we have any questions on your request, you’ll be contacted via the in-platform chat so we have all the details we need to get working. As we work, you’ll get regular updates on our progress through the process.

Step 3: Allow us access.

If your request requires access to login details, email, calendars or any other part of your linked accounts, we’ll send a request for authorization to access the relevant details to complete your request.

Step 4: Relax.

If we need to make any purchases to complete your request, then we’ll send through an offer in the request timeline for you to approve. Otherwise, you just sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that everything is being handled for you.


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Client Feedback & Reviews

Tom Lawson

"LIFE is genuinely amazing. It’s let get me get a full 360-degree perspective of how I work and has enabled me to increase my productivity and performance across all areas of my life."

Account Director


"Giving our employees access to LIFE has hugely changed how we work as a company. Our productivity has increased by more than 40% on average, and organisation issues are an absolute thing of the past."



"Before using LIFE, I was constantly stressed about everything I had to keep track of, both at work and at home. Now, I have an easy-to-understand, full view of my life and I can even hand off tasks to make sure I’m using my time efficiently. Game changer!"



"Working in a role that crosses multiple departments and organisational structures has always been a challenge but with LIFE I feel that no matter what meeting I'm walking into I have everything I need at my fingertips."

Civil Servant

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